Discover INDIAKA®
your new bicolour cyclamen!

A totally unique new cyclamen

INDIAKA® stands out for its totally unique colours!

You can recognise it by the extraordinary contrast between the petals’ white base and the vibrant colour at the tip of the flower.

The Indiaka® will captivate you by their original contrast of their colours and flowers: petals cut in two horizontally with white and vibrant stripes.

Easy to care for, exceptionally hardy outdoors, the cyclamen is one of the most beautiful colourful flowers in autumn.

With INDIAKA®, spice up your gardens, homes and outdoor areas!



  • Indiaka®
    Bright purple

    Indiaka®<br/>Bright purple
  • Indiaka®

  • Indiaka®


INDIAKA® Not just a plant,
a state of mind

In the land of the Rising Sun, the cyclamen is considered to be the sacred flower of love.

Do you suffer from stinging eyes and a tickly throat? Fill your life with cyclamen! In fact, their leaves naturally release water vapour, which improves the humidity of your room.

Cyclamen are also used in the perfume industry, bringing subtle, fresh floral hints. The biggest brand names all sell cyclamen fragrances

1 Offer INDIAKA®
as a gift

The Cyclamen can just as well be a gift to a family member, a friend or a loved one.

In the language of flowers, cyclamen stand for sincere, lasting love. A strong, authentic and eternal bond, but it can also mean charm, grace or jealousy.

Opt for a fresh, young and on-trend Cyclamen. Its vibrant colours and medium size make it THE perfect choice for an original, pretty gift, and easy to display in your home.

Where did the name come from INDIAKA®: video